Time to Look at the Evil Before Us

We have become powerless but that must end

by Mike Meyer

Things are worsening quickly on all fronts. And that includes the current hurricane disaster on the east coast. The full extent of the obliterations of in the Bahamas is not at all clear but we can only assume that many people have died and are dying there.

The news, however, is on full coverage of Trump’s continuing hissy fits over his mistaken claim that Alabama was going to be hit by Dorian. Why is that even being mentioned? Trump is completely irrelevant except as a symbol.

This appears to be a major and very public indication of dementia. The pitiful exhibition of a doctored meteorological map to show Alabama in the path was such an obvious symptom that there was no way to humorously indulge it. So the disasters continue while the media is unable to avert its eyes from the Trumpian mental wreck. We can only laugh at the isance fool.

Ok, we’ve known for years that Trump has been descending into bug fuck craziness. His growing ignorance, fits of emotional delusion, and exhibition of gross incompetence are on public record. The man was once just an inheritance asshole with a major case of pathological narcissism but enough money to be somewhat entertaining. Those days are long gone.

But this shit is contagious. No one wants to talk about the spreading mental disease that has been carried around the US and the planet by Donald the Demented. I really wish it were something that could be cured but it is not.

Trump has been long understood to be a symptom and not a cause. I’ve said that for three years and it is incredibly costly to waste time on Demented Donald as any kind of primary cause. His illness includes the endless need to be the center of everyone’s attention even if it makes him look even more of fool than he is known to be.

Pete Butigieg has said what needed to be said, “I feel sorry for the president . . .”, and that is all that anyone can say.

But the rest of us on this planet are in this total disaster and have been frozen in the headlights of history since 2016. Literally the only thing that has kept us alive is that the neofascist clown car, particularly Trump’s, veers wildly all over the road. But sooner or later the thing is going to hit us and many people, maybe all, are going to die. That seems to be happening now.

Just as people who have been brutally abused from early childhood, with no option but to curl up and submit, may collapse in the face of something that triggers memory, we are that person. After fifty years of traumatic events, financial exploitation, minority brutalization, and lies about our cultural exceptionalism, we have been beaten into submission while being told how powerful our rules are.

We can only quiver and whimper as we try to avoid looking at the face of evil that is all that we know. Stare at the stupid map drawn on by a fool to prove himself right as people die. We cannot acknowledge our own sickness so cannot address anyone else’s. And the world watches in horror.

It is time to recognize insanity. There is a major segment of our population and pockets around the planet who are functionally insane. They have been traumatized and deluded and are periodically irrational. The fact that we have made this worse in the US by bad education, politicalization of violence, military addiction, with massive financial and political corruption makes no difference to what must be done. We are a major cause of this planetary disease.

Either we start cleaning this up now or someone else will have to very soon. Our planet is showing the strain and the disasters are bigger than we can handle. Denying reality is another symptom of insanity.

You do not allow irrational people in positions of any authority when everything is at risk. If you do you are threatening the lives of everyone and everything on this planet. They do not deserve to suffer and die for our stupidity.

This is not a matter of political option it is a matter of contagious insanity. It needs to be stopped. We need to do that. The mess we have caused is rapidly getting bigger. Soon it will be more than any of us can handle.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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