Time to build again

Good points and a solid presentation on what should have been done. It wasn’t and the only role left is reporting on the autopsy of democracy in the United States. It has been obvious for a number of years that the pseudo representative governmental system was in long term collapse. There are several historical points that were critical to this decline from the failure to deal with structural racism that was ignored for decades, lies about the actions of the US internationally, the Watergate conspiracy, Reagan’s attack on government and the descent of the republican party into intellectual bankruptcy and loss of any sense of shame. Sadly the Watergate success in forcing Nixon from office destroyed journalism as tool for anything other than hypercapitalism. The only goal was profitability and everything was then sold to the highest bidder. All of these shaped the generation that has now fallen into hopeless corruption and desperate pandering for favors from the lords of destruction who rose to power when greed became the only virtue. That was the point when the citizen became irrelevant.

Now we deal with people who are powerless to attain the goals of greed because that was a sham to destroy rights and convince the desperate that others needed to have their rights removed and wages stolen. Journalism allowed this to happen with no value judgement or warning of the inevitable result. Everyone does it, was the excuse. Everyone lies, and now they do because the concept of truth has been destroyed. And mentally deranged and criminal liar has been allowed full power to do whatever the most wealthy demand. Congress in the hands of the vicious and insane can pass laws for the benefit of no one but the super wealthy stripping what is left from the population in general and the media reports the laughter and self congratulation as if that is all they can say.

We need to build a new democracy that is real and controlled directly by people via the technologies we now have. The disgusting shambles of government remaining needs to be removed and a simpler structure installed that actually listens and holds to absolute rights of people, not things and not corporations. That share the assets of our planet logically for preservation and shared growth. How will journalism help with that?

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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