Thursday and It's Not OK

A hard look at what hope remains, let’s not be fooled

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ November 19, 2020

The good news on the two new international vaccines for COVID-19 is all over the media, but I’m worried. We have too far to go, and vaccines' approval will not solve anything until next year.

Between the idiots who’s stupidity is threatened by practical controls to limit the pandemic and people fed up from nice months of insanity made unbearable by an incompetent and criminal regime in Washington DC, things may yet explode.

The reality is that when things blow up, it is not in the face of continued hardship, but when there is hope, and it begins to slip away. Revolutions happen when people see that things could be better, and they become emotional when better things are delayed or actively sabotaged.

Add Trump’s tiresome whining and insanity with the relentless onslaught of baseless lies supported by the full criminally of his stooges in the Senate and around the country. People have had enough. Many social, educational, and work changes are clearly permanent, but we still have far too many people waiting for things to go back to normal.

At this point, we need to be moving to the normalization of remote work, online education as standard, permanent awareness of social distancing, and frequent if not constant use of masks. The world has changed, and I’m sorry, but we need to change with it.

The region, previously known as the US, is ready to blow. The release of the election finally removing Trump was a tremendous relief even with the known disclaimers of having an aged, doddering, neoliberal politician as a savior. The inanity might be contained and begin to be cured. It lasted about a week.

Destruction as a scorched earth policy by the Trumpists under the banner of an immense, psychopathic hissy fit is escalating rapidly. The infection rate and death rate is exploding on schedule. These things are well enough to be completely predictable while thousands more die each day, some of them screaming gibberish in denial as they die.

I don’t want to be negative to deny the power of a successful election. I don’t want to think the worst of a large minority of the nation’s population. The expectation is still that we can rely on the honest bureaucrats, whatever their political affiliation, to block the criminal insanity without regard for the screeching from the White House. But where are we?

The wall against that insanity and a final collapse into neofascist servitude is a thin wall of fourth and fifth level officials risking themselves and their families after all above them have become craven cowards or worse. If these few folks collapse in the face of intense and criminal pressure who takes up the defense of the election and the rule of law?

How long would you stand in the face of criminal threats against your family when all above you are gone? This is what a national collapse looks like.

We are at the mercy of these officials standing their ground and refusing to allow the election, the most secure and closely monitored in history, to be stolen and the last remnants of democracy destroyed. Our ability to remain in America is on these people’s shoulders. They need to be protected first and honored later.

The best protection is to remove the criminals that are attacking them. Remove the constant abuse and threats. In society, this would be provided by courts and police using restraining orders or criminal charges with confinement. Why is that not being done.

Unless Trump and his stooges can be removed now, the wreckage nationally and internationally may be beyond recovery in January. The Trump party clarifies that insanity is the norm for them every day, and there are no rules that will stop them from destroying everything to win some version of victory. We insist on refusing to face the reality of both the insanity behind this and the criminality that motivates it.

This is rapidly moving past the temporary blockage of the administrative transition to a full attempt to smash the election and the country's legal administration. We now psychopathic narcissists such as Trump have no feelings or concern and, if allowed to gain an inch, will launch a bloodbath unless someone stops them.

Since Trump, his children, and sycophants know they are going to prison when he loses power, what do they have to lose? With power, they can live happily in the ruins of a nation.

Do we have what it takes to prevent this? Now is the time to answer that question.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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