This was very well stated. I also came from a fundamentalist childhood many years ago and as a result am very interested in eliminating religion from education. This is an educational process in itself but there really is no longer room for the old form of religions in public life. What we need is an open recognition of the value of a healthy spiritual life and it sounds as if you have found that. No need for mythology or antiquated dogma but there is a very strong need for people to be involved with all life around us. Rituals are also important and those, I think, need to be recovered from the religionists. Many people are finding that now with meditation in most any form and a commitment to mindfulness and compassion. Wiccan knowledge works, too.

The sad part is how long it takes to remove the artificial guilt when you were raised with it. Dawkins and others have been the answer for many who had trouble removing the childhood instilled guilt. My daughters were raised to think for themselves and to respect all forms of knowledge but not to be intimidated by invisible spirits and mythical threats. They are raising their children the same way.

Particularly in America there is still enough of the old craziness around that you must learn to deal with it but I saw that as something that could be used for inoculation. That seemed to work for us.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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