This was not really something that started from the goal and worked backward. This is very much a result of looking at what is happening based on both what is failing and what technology is enabling to identify a possible path forward. The assumption is a primary phase change in social structure. In this piece I was outlining what I’ve come to understand about the role of public administration and the degeneration of our political systems. Can we remove some of the problems and then see what we need to deal with. This is the same process that businesses and organizations have been going through as the move to very high levels of collaboration and very nearly real time modeling of processes in their world.

The point is that we have the technology to do this at an individual level and the representative system is a failure as I explained and you reiterated by noting that the representatives either start out as rich people or become that in government service. They, therefore, represent their own interests or the interests of those that own them. None of these folks got rich by themselves and probably not through any of their own abilities.

From the administrative side we need diverse managers worrying about their own interests. How that would actually be done is tricky but very interesting and I’ve been thinking that out also.

I didn’t deal with the economics other than to note the actual changes in the concept of value that is a major driver of change. That needs to be developed further also. I’ve played with this in some other short pieces looking at cryptocurrencies and blockchain. But you are absolutely correct. The general failure to understand the nature of fiat currency as a store of value based only on the strength of an economy is a major problem.

The constant use of household models totally distorts the nature of a government that prints money as it needs it. This is the game, as you said, that allows politicians to frighten people with having to pay for other people’s needs. It doesn’t work that way but that is worse when it plays on the idea that people with less money are being punished by divine forces so why should we help them. That is a full moral failure manipulated via ignorance.

In short that process needs to be understood and I think the decentralization of crypto assets could allow that. Anyone can produce value and trade with it. At the same this could allow the reduction of national currencies to one among many asset types. The real point being to move to UBI based on economic stability and expansion of value. This is not a zero sum game. The physical assets of any region on this planet are a base of value. People using these assets to create new value should accrue to all residents of the region. This is the path of going to regional administrative units to allow effective distribution of assets and new value from intellectual property rather than destructive exploitation of natural resources. We actually don’t have any choice in doing that now. Well, we do have the choice of destroying the suitability of our climate to support our type of life. That is a suicidal choice.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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