This was actually from a response I wrote for one of my European readers who was struggling with a lack of context for the current insanity. Understanding how a significant minority of people could be manipulated by terms and expressions unrelated to reality. That actually happens all the time around the planet but America is bigger, scarier, and even less rational than most.

Actually the next phase is coming into focus now but it is centered on the metropolitan centers of diversity. This is already widening the gap in understanding between the majority and the specifically challenged minority who are caught in a previous age. In short we now have two planets called Earth.

The primary and richest consists of urban metropoles that focus on education, ethinic and identity diversity, intellectual services and design. This is clearly post industrial and quickly evolving to a very different view of the world that accepts sustainability as critical and is exploring the power of archetypes as an individual resource.

In short this is the re-merging of modern scientific empiricism with a personalized universe that takes meaning from sentient beings. This produces something like a quantum entangled version of reality based on the power of the sentient observer as the trigger for collapse of alternatives into arbitrary fixed points. Yes, OK, that is weird but this is what is happening and why the folks struggling to escape (or refusing to think about) the much older mythological world they inhabit can’t understand what is happening. Their traditional reaction to any change is basically fear and anger but this is so much more than they ever tried to understand that they are panicking and want someone to kill it for them.

Obviously this is not an evolutionarily positive characteristic. Will we survive their subconscious demands for species suicide? That is the question.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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