This is well understood and stated. We are dealing with mass insanity. The indoctrination into cults has been refined and is closely tied to ‘brain washing’ developed as a weapon of suppression by both Nazi Germany and advanced by at least thirty years of Soviet indoctrination. The Chinese have had their own techniques and versions also.

The sad reality is that we must deal with these people as dangerous. They have been weaponized against themselves and, in this critical time, against life on this planet. As you so well describe they cannot reach rationality as that has been walled off from them. With no ability or desire to see the lies being fed to them, they can rely on everyone else’s compassion and respect to allow them to destroy society.

Since we have no way to stop this type of disturbed behavior we must remove the insane and criminal from the lists of those seeking office. They need to be removed quickly while there is time so these people cannot act on the basis of their delusions and programming.

The incredible evil of allowing Fox News to remain as a cesspool of lies pretending to be ‘news’ needs to end. I think that Trump and his goons and manipulators will be removed but it will be very ugly and may be too ugly for people to face. It is the last hope for this nation, however. The alternative is to isolate Trumpistan and leave them to their own ends. That will be a human tragedy as that aging white and racist population is old and prone to suicide in growing numbers. I hope we don’t have to watch that happen but we can’t allow them to destroy our planet. And they are being told to do that.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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