This is well stated but the simple truth is the current model in America destroys society socially, economically, and politically. Without a basic change to the predatory capitalist model your predictions will be correct.

Increased egalitarianism is the goal for all societies. Using greed as the primary motivator produces predation. The point on egalitarianism blocking a broadening of wealth distribution simply because the majority of people prefer people oriented lives and professions rings very true. I never really thought of it that way but should have.

I’ve worked for years in attempting to motivate young women to move into IT both for their future but also due to the difficulty of workforce shortages. When given the choice most don’t do it. That has stumped me and many, many other people.

We have spent million of dollars on various programs and ideas to expand STEM education to give more people opportunities in the only remaining growth area. It’s easier to get people into medical and health fields than pure tech or IT.

I now think we have been fighting human nature. Having spent over thirty years directly in IT during the most amazing time of this total social transformation, it’s hard for me to imagine something more interesting and exciting. But, obviously that is now how people see this.

My and other’s assumptions on these attitudes has been that it is generational. It’s the people over forty for fifty who seem forced to tell you, when hearing what you do, that they are ‘not techy’ so can’t do that stuff. Now I’m beginning to think that we were mistaken.

Waiting for the old folks, other than me, to die is not going to magically fix the problem although it will reduce it. I base that primarily on my granddaughters who, with the friends, are open to tech professions. That, unfortunately, is not a statistically valid sample.

It seems we need to focus on egalitarianism for all but the goals should be to give people the options of doing what they want rather than what we think we need. That should not have only a small impact on their wellbeing and security.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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