This is very interesting and, without further research, I will take you statistical sources as legitimate. It doesn’t take much to see that mail suicide is the primary problem with guns. As a strong advocate of removing guns as much as possible I still must agree that the practical choice may well be the ‘medical’ solution of convincing males prone to suicide to give up their guns to someone they trust. That this isn’t being strongly pushed by everyone nationally is an indicator of the larger problem.

Anyone who looks at the data knows that male suicide is the primary gun death. We also know that violent deaths (including gun deaths) have been on decline, excluding wars, for a long time, i.e. decades. This is probably correlated with reduction in violent or aggressive(?) crime that has also been on a steep decline for the last two to three decades in the US. And you are absolutely correct that school deaths from guns are a minute percentage even though they are massively depressing.

The issue for the US is a cultural one. Different cultures deal with violence and guns in different ways just as they do with suicide. Moving beyond your statistical data we have a violent culture that shows in male suicide and domestic violence and I will include gun deaths of children that are predominantly accidental. So let’s look at those:

About 1,300 children die from gunshots annually (2017) per a study in Pediatrics. The CDC shows about 6,000 child injuries from guns (2017)treated per year. This is, all statistics aside, unacceptable.

About 50 women are killed with guns per month in domestic violence in the US and that represents 54% of women killed in domestic violence in 2017 per the CDC. Women do not commit suicide with guns but are killed by their male domestic partners.

All national and international data suggests that legal restrictions on guns ownership will significantly reduce these numbers. I suggest that none of these numbers are acceptable.

This is within our power to control. The more we remove guns from the bizarre power mythology in this country the better off we will all be. It is hard but is needs to be done.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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