This is the dystopia that we have long feared. It is not the future. It is us. We have fallen at the feat of a monstrous engine that promised wealth to those that could work tirelessly for greed. It grew and brought wealth to the few. Attempts at change produced revolutionary movements to force the distribution of assets. In a religion of greed the idea of sharing is anathema. That concept must be destroyed.

Archaic religions from the classical era were brought back to justify greed and planetary destruction. They were changed to make make endless theft the only moral action.

The images of dystopia from the early and mid 20th century recognized the human created inhuman monster replacing everything with itself. We worry about that. Don’t let it happen. But these are nightmares within the monster. Troubling memories that seem wrong.

We project all the horrible things we do on others. They will destroy all hope. All hope is gone and the monster would rather die than change.

So we are confused. We fear the future that is already the past. Many people have realized what is happening but they are not the people allowed authority. When only denying what you are is allowed reality is a crime.

We are constantly told the battle is over so that we will not think to fight. There is no truth but only greed. You lose.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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