This is precisely the point. We need to replace the current system of governments. This is larger than any one type of government as they are all modeled on the 19th-19th century Western form whether more or less democratic.

That Western model was not democratic although it claimed legitimacy on the basis of democratic principles. Various excuses were used for avoiding democracy in any real form but these were primarily racist or class based claiming mass ignorance as a danger. The sham was effective for long enough, about 150 years, that it became the norm with the tremendous weight of precedence.

That effectivenss was the result of very pracital problems in communicaastion and transportation. Only a very limited number of ‘representatives’ could ever be called together for consultation and there was no way to determine any kind of public sentiment.

The birth of modern media was the opportunistic rise of self declared ‘voices of the people’ while the official representatives became part of the ruling elite and quickly learned who actually had a voice. Obviously that was not the people themselves because they had no power while their ‘voices’ were the media that learned there was no gain from listening to anyone but the ruling elite.

Stories for the population in general were defined as social and human interest that allowed ads to be sold. People mostly want to hear about what other people are doing, good or bad. Primates are social animals.

This is a simple view of two hundred plus years of political evolution. It is obvious that the solutions, problems, and work arounds are all based on long irrelevant assumptions. The structure of governmental entities is unrelated to the reality of this planet in the 21st century.

Expecting governments to do anything but degenerate into autocracies and brutal dictatoships is fantasy. Power is their only justication for continued existence because they must block all change because allowing any change will reveal their absence of any legitinate authority.

They cannot be fought because they have institutionialized incredible military power, internal military power for surrvalence and oppession, control of the traditional media, and destruction of the dangerous freedom of the internet.

But that technology is incrediblyresilient and two generations have grown up on a planet where that is available. They will not be silenced and they also know that there is no hope form any government.

The solution is direct democracy completly bypassing exisdting governments. This is happening now with school kids leading planetwide movements and the explosive growth ofthe Extinction Rebellion.

The assets of the planet and the vast network of service systems that maintain our lives are owned by the people. This is managed, incrasingly, via automation and AI. The controls for that are a human responsibility. Freedom of educaition (that means free education) is critical for this planet because it is now in the hands of an internetworked population.

Governments are failing rapidly. Government by a ruling elite must be made irrelevant.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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