I will make one attempt to deal with this here because anyone attempting to make simplistic statements about this is more interested in saying the same things repeatedly than in understanding the situation. I assume you are aware that the line you are taking is the GRU line as spread by RT/Sputnik and that, incidentally, Trump is also repeating. As an opinion that line can be taken. You can have any opinion you want but you can’t have your own facts.

There is no doubt that it was GRU managed Russian staffed services that made large scale attempts at swaying the US population for Trump and against Clinton. As I’ve said I received credible technical information on this immediately after the election because of sources in Cambridge Analytica that had been a little too noisy bragging about their work. I’m not much interested in that other than to prevent it being done anywhere again.

Trump is owned by Russian mob bosses and Putin who works closely with his country’s financial criminals. That is an old pattern and works to some extent in the US also because of growing corruption and failed political systems.

The goal of this is to reduce the US as a political, financial, and military power. It is happening anyway for many reasons but it just got accelerated and Trump is doing his job (whatever it is he thinks he is doing). That is how these things are supposed to work. Remote manipulation and maximum deniability. This is a form of aikido in international affairs that you use the direction and force of an opponent to trip and cripple that opponent.

Obama was sharp enough to stay ahead of this and, even, reverse the moves. He had, however, no real goal beyond maintaining the current system that was supported by the owners of both political parties in the US. He was also prone to a bit of laziness. Hilary Clinton is an very intelligent and experienced administrator but you don’t spend your life surrounded by neocons and neoliberals who are elitist without ending up very much like them. We need structural change and that takes a completely new analysis of society. The old views are too hard to change. This is just a side note.

If you want the proof of the Russian activity on the election simply read Mueller’s very detailed and dense indictment of the Russian GRU officials And, no, they are not going to ever appear in court but that is ok. That provided Mueller a means of publishing the evidence with full analysis without going to the serious round of big indictments. He follows the standard model for prosecution of very carefully tightening the noose and picking off the helpers and fixers as witnesses while driving the criminals at the center steadily into panicked reaction. That is partially what just happened to Trump. And Trump had to run to his controller for instructions which was a very stupid move.

Realize, please, that this is the big league and Putin is a player. Trump is a medium size, domestic, real estate, loser with family money. He is so far over his head that it is pitiful. Why do you think anyone who knows anything about this stuff is so upset? Also realize that Putin does easily kill people and tends to be cruel. He is only moderately intelligent but very, very experienced. He let Trump do Helsinki to let everyone know that he is fine with Trump turning himself into a gibbering clown and it is no problem for Putin. He is correct. He has already won and will continue to deny everything.

The neoconservative powers are dangerous and need to be stopped and they are big on making Russia the traditional enemy but that doesn’t make any sense. Russia is only a regional power now. They can easily go back to North Korea as an enemy or start something else. The problem is the American Military Empire that has been sucking up money for seventy years and needs to end. China is replacing the US as the dominant power but they are smart enough to limit the military power knowing what can result. They balance it with soft power.

We have authoritarians, extreme capitalists driven by greed, neoconservatives who want to wage war to get money and power, neoliberals who forgot to balance out the people with jobs that disappear to other countries, and fascists who are just basically stupid, all of these are overlapping very much as a complex Venn diagram.

Sorry but this is complex and cannot be simplified. Acting as if it is simple means you fall into the hands of one of the layers of evil. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily our friend.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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