This is interesting and complicated. As always now we have the question of the agenda that is really being addressed. Specifically what are the goals of that agenda? Tulsi as developed into a sophisticated anti establishment politician by focusing on issues that we are forbidden to discuss. For America in the 21st century sacred topics are the endless wars that are maintained to benefit the current version of the military industrial complex.

That is a different version than it was when that term was first used some fifty years ago. Some of the players are the same but there is a much larger set of corporations that operate mercenary arms and field support operations. These are now integrated into a full industry dedicated to making civil wars profitable and hidden with minimal American military casualties.

I am happy that Tulsi is focusing on this. And I should state that I voted for her as our representative. I also am familiar with her family problems and unfortunate history that she grew up with in a family dedicated to anti LGBT bigotry. She has fully removed herself from that, apologized for her involvement through her father, and I accept that as valid.

To go against the sacred beliefs in this stage of the collapse of the American military empire is dangerous. She is paying the price with establishment attacks from the mainstream media primarily because she is calling out both sides of the party system that represents the same corporate owners.

The American political system has disintegrated to the point it is now impossible to take anyone as actually being for what they say they are for. If there isn’t a conspiracy hidden somewhere then the absence of a conspiracy is, itself, a conspiracy. Who’s side is she really on?

The indulgence into the usual conspiracies here doesn’t help. America does not stand for what it once claimed to stand for and the pragmatic reality of not being able to afford to maintain the pretense of a divine right military force for ‘good’ is a good way to attack this insanity.

America now bears more similarity to Russia and Syria than most other nicer nations. Pretending to be something else while pursuing greed and conquest under a wannabe fascist idiot is not a successful international strategy.

First we must clean up our own house and then we must unite to protect the planet from the climate disasters that are now unavoidable. People standing in the way of that are the enemy and must be dealt with. Continuing to brutalize people in benighted countries primarily for profit is criminal.

Tulsi is trying to shine light into the darkness and on the creatures that have gained power there making them angry. She needs support to do this.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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