This is change. Evolution is the original form of creative destruction. The American Age began in the 19th century and worked to save the world in the 20th century, almost by accident, even if it could not save itself in the wake of the Civil War. The external focus, first with massive industrial production, military conquest, new media, technical innovation, kept the things moving by massive inertia and speed.

That energy could not last because it was built over the structural errors of racism and refusal to reflect on the direction of movement and its implications. This was the addiction of ‘freedom’ in the US as the speed increased but had to keep increasing to carry the growing weight of ignored consequences of human and planetary tragedy.

America was a huge spinning top that presented itself as a perpetual motion machine for the planet. But the direction was not managed and described the slow spiral in place of a spinning top.

When the top began to slow it began to wobble and two things became obvious, this was a truly massive thing with frightening destructive force when it fell, and there is no graceful way to stop a spinning top held up by speed driven by unsustainable greed. The wobbling would become more violent until its uncontrollable crash.

A disturbing percentage of the population has clung desperately to the old illusion of direction and perpetuity explaining the violent wobbling and distortions as someone else’s fault. As described from Canada here, the rest of the world watches in amazement and fear.

The rest of us caught in this disaster are facing the brutal reality of riding this thing all the way down and hoping to survive. The potential for collateral damage should make Canada worry but it is also an opportunity already being taken. The climate disaster will make the north bloom but there is no guarantee of anything. We are not in control.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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