This is beautifully written and incredibly important statement. While it is quite possible to find all kinds of faults with how we see ourselves as a species and our species existence was a long shot in the distant past, we are at a new stage of evolutionary change. One of the primary things we need to do is learn how to think beyond our narrow views of ourselves, our fellow life forms, and our planet.

The only way that can happen is to look directly at the ignorance of our assumptions about who and what we are. We don’t do that by ignoring the racist reality in American and any other culture. This is not pleasant and not easy but it must be done for this planet to survive and, maybe, thrive in ways beyond our imagination. We know what the opposite of that is because we are that opposite.

Thank you for making me see this directly. As many people are, I am struggling to see how to move beyond the disaster we are currently in to pull together and prevent cataclysmic disaster over the next fifty to one hundred years. It has bothered me the way some people are presenting this as somehow the only existential threat that we have faced.

Who knew that a planetary disaster could be turned into a piece of racial privilege? Somehow the tentacles of privilege, exclusion, and hate reach up out of the depths of our minds and pull us apart.

We need to root out those sources of evil and that is, as i said, hard, dirty work that will leave us with no illusions about how we were raised and live. But now this is not only a moral and ethical imperative but necessary to our survival.

I write a lot about these things here on Medium. There are very large changes in the way that we are working through the collapse of our current world view, the world view that has caused tremendous damage to our biosphere and has triggered a new age of extinction.

That failure of a paradigmatic way of seeing reality shatters social structures. That breaks open all of the hidden rooms and buried evils forcing people to reveal what they have been hiding. We are seeing that more each day.

We are evolving and have no choice but to speed our own evolution. Part of that is expanding the knowledge that we hold and use to shape our societies and actions. Being intimately aware of all that we have done to ourselves and how that has laid the likelihood of our own destruction is brilliantly illustrated here.

We must learn to never forget what we are and have been responsible for and how we continuously allow death and suffering to be ignored if it can be defined as some other people. There can now be no ‘others’ on this planet. And the ‘we’ that knows that will only expand as we grow and learn.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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