This is, as usual, carefully thought out and articulated. I have to say it is already irrelevant. The level of criminality and corruption are far beyond what can be handled by a weak and collapsing federal system.

Mueller is following a very careful and meticulously formal investigation building irrefutable evidence as a prosecutor. I think he is fully aware that the system he represents has failed. The assumptions of the US Constitution are that the top level of the federal government would be made up of reasonably ethical people who would actively seek to represent the interests of their constituents. These people would be able and willing to act as a functioning court of law to deal with criminal activity at the highest level. We saw that work with Watergate and Nixon.

We do not have that. Almost the entirety of the Republican representatives and senators are openly corrupt and have no ethical standards. They represent only those who offer them power and money. There are open indications that the control of the Russian oligarchy has also penetrated Congress through elements of the Republican Party..

The Democratic members are only slightly less corrupt but are, apparently, not treasonous. They also have not fully succumbed to the fascist and white supremacist disease. There is still some hope that legitimate elections would reform this group as the beginning has been made at the midterm.

But this is what Mueller must turn his investigation over to in January. When he does nothing will happen. Mueller will have the historical win but America will lose. At some point after that the union will break apart.

At this point I don’t see any other workable option. Any effort to save the union would require removal of the Trump regime and all supporters. They would destroy everything to hold onto power. In that situation a democratic republic under the existing constitution cannot survive.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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