This is another excellent presentation of things that are denied or lost in late stage America. As often I find the comments on serious presentations such as this as interesting as the article itself. Several thousand people read umair haque’s essays and most find them invigorating and frustrating. Things are said that are obvious except in areas of 21st century America. Because the topic is 21st century America and then the rest of the world the responses follow a pattern.

There are many that appreciate the clear articulation of what they see and know. There are a few who feel they need to trot out the old saws about socialism and capitalism and politics in general. This is annoying but to be expected as this is the problem mentality that is helping to destroy the nation. If you work your way through the comments these stand out by refusing to acknowledge that they have read or understood anything.

The most interesting are the ones that are countering portions of the article or are offering a more Americanized answer to the reality being discussed. I find those the most interesting but these, then, fall into two subgroups. One group makes, often, valid points about specific issues or, in this case, looks at alternative positions on specific European states political conditions. Mostly these seem correct but relative to their particular experience or issue.

The second subgroup ends up disagreeing for some reason. The most extreme of these simply go off on a tangent. This is usually the single issue person who has a pet peeve or position. Can't do much about that.

The biggest common problem is taking umair haque’s high level discussion often comparing American problems with the success of Western European solutions and attacking on details. I only speak for me but I can safely say that Umair has never made a completely wrong or illogical statement on these things, at least that I have seen. But there is no perfect state. In this set of responses the point that is not valid is whether or not you want to live in Europe. That’s a personal choice if you have that choice. I think most Americans prefer to live in America because that is where they were born and most people, frankly, never move too far from their place of birth. However bad it is politically or economically they understand how to get by there.

That is not a counter argument. The real point is that there are a number of nations that are effectively far superior to the US now and the people being played don’t and won’t understand this. My view is that these are all on the way to becoming post socialist states (that means democratic socialism which it the only kind now) but that is the starting point to go post-socialist and post-capitalist. Things are changing but it is like OS upgrades. You have to keep up or one day there is an upgrade that you can’t do because you didn’t do the ones before that.

America fell into decline years ago and the Republican Party is a major cause. And it is not because they are ‘conservative’ and I’m not conservative. They became racist and kelptocratic under Reagan and quit buying the social upgrades we needed. And now we need to wipe our memory and do a full install of a new system. It will be socialist and market driven at the base but will have the next generations for diversity and planetary culture that are essential for us to survive global warming and reaching the next level of civilization.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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