This is a very nice collection of Trump fumblings marking his way into a diplomatic disaster. The usual pattern of a pathological narcissist but let’s keep it simpler: ignorant, conceited fool works also.

His ghost written management books show how easy this stuff really is. Trump’s Excellent Diplomacy in five easy steps: 1) Make wild, absurd threats to show how tough you are, 2) grovel when you talk to your opponent to curry favor, 3) Accept anything that is said as acknowledgment of the awesomeness of the Trump, 4) Make confused and contradictory demands, 5) Suggest accolades and rewards, e.g. Nobel Peace Prize.

It’s critical to understand that no preparation or actual work to define points of contention and possible openings for discussion is required. That’s all fake news. The awesomeness of the Trump is all that is needed. If things don’t go fast enough suggest to the currently resident spokespeople that they make up various threats of their own to show their brilliance but not too brilliant.

The lack of a strategy or even talking points is not an issue, see step 3. When these diplomatic maneuvers fail, as they always do, try to simultaneously grovel, threaten, and claim this was the plan all along proving the Trump brilliance. Frantically cue the followers to chant “Lock her up!”. Who? Who cares? Tell Giuliani to make the Sunday TV rounds and say something, anything, ‘No Collusion’ always works.

This diplomatic super technique seems to have worked very well with Russian oligarchs and mafioso looking to launder money. They bought lots of condos that no one else wanted. Funny how they all wanted to pay in cash and didn’t mind losing money. They were awed by Trump’s brilliance. Good people!

Unfortunately the awesome diplomacy met its match in Kim Jong-un who actually reads things and figured out that Trump doesn’t have a clue so he made him spin in circles and fall on his face. And it’s really hard to start a war when you’ve just made yourself look like a fool. No one wants to support a fool. Who knew? Obviously Trump didn’t.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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