This is an interesting statement that illustrates the ease with which people lose hold of truth through large propaganda campaigns. Rather than bother with explanation I’ll just cite and source some facts.

Trump has been, in some form or another, an agent of Russian interests for many years. His business was saved by Russian investment that appears to have been primarily money laundering. All of this has been known for a long time but there had been no reason, until now, to get involved in very the difficult and time consuming research to build a solid legal case. Southern district of New York federal court has been doing this for two years now.

Here are the best recent summaries of evidence gathered:

As to the Russian GRU and RT (including several Russian Intelligence Organizations) involvement in the 2016 election, there is even more incriminating information.

Incidentally the massive IT attack on US citizens in the 2016 election was being analyzed by IT organizations immediately following the election. I was in communication with research projects at several universities in December 2016 who had been tracking social media and the American election. They had been tracking and announcing frightening numbers and attempting to trace route the source of Facebook postings as well as determining the goals and strategy.

It was an effective theft of a national election. The BBC above also covers this. Here is one quote: “According to testimony by Facebook before Congress, Russia-backed content reached as many as 126 million Americans on the social network during and after election.”

The primary Russian goal can now be statistically identified by key words in the messaging. The top goal was to stop Hilary Clinton who was most dangerous to Russia and Vladimir Putin. The second goal was to polarize American and convince a portion of the population to mistrust all American institutions. The third goal was to support Trump.

There is a good bit of factual information available for you to analyze.

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