This is an interesting discussion of similarities in teachings from Patanjali’s sutras on yoga and teachings attributed to Jesus. The similarities seem logically possible, although somewhat tenuous, but also clearly out of sync with the evolution of 21st century spiritual thought.

While I am not an expert of in yoga teachings other than at the broad historical level within Hindu thought, this tends be fairly closely related to early Buddhist teachings. There are a range of standard misunderstandings of the elements of that as they relate to the western concept of self, or more accurately yet, individual identity.

To put things bluntly, the thing that is connected to the universe around us and passes from one form to the next in karmic bonds is not a person per se. This is distinctly different than Christianity as a product of diverse Middle Eastern messianic cults that hold to something like a homonculus that is the spiritual form of each human.

I’m sure we could spend a good amount of time discussing these differences that have evolved from and to a diversity of positions in different strands of development both East and West, but my real point is that both are now fundamentally wrong.

The full nature of this error is very much a 21st century realization. The steady decline of the old religious systems is a product of being totally dependent on provable false beliefs on the nature of the universe of which we, i.e. sentient beings, are active components. We are very much Schrodinger’s creatures and are beginning to understand the nature of superposition within a quantum mechanical reality.

Two points on which this is important in seeing what you suggest as logical within the teachings referenced but wrong within reality: 1) We are moving away from the old Cartesian universe of dead material and living people as we understand that information exists and flows between all forces that make up this universe; 2) What we call sentience, that is much more than ‘self awarenes’ may be a fundamental force within the universe. We can cause things, including ourselves, to be.

As a result trying to link the Hindu derived problem of illusion blocking awareness of the true existence in Atman that seeks to remove self identity with the Christian and Islamic derived Platonic spiritual ideal drags both to a new level of error.

Certainly these are interesting academic and historical arguments but increasingly irrelevant to the rapidly developing world of modern spirituality.

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