This is an excellent summary of the Trump labeled coup d’etat. The level and intensity of the neofascist rhetoric, specifically from Barr, is both horrifying and sickening. It is obvious now that he was a plant in federal government pending an opportunity to complete the destruction of anything resembling an open and democratic type government.

This has been in process for close to forty years and the huge economic distortions and open mockery of diversity in a free government are the result of their incremental successes. The shocking success of Trump as a figurehead being elected with both internal corruption and external, Russian influence as the tools, forced a full push for dictatorship earlier than expected.

Trump’s functional insanity and incompetence, essential characteristics of the neofascist adherents, is the primary reason for the lack of success. As noted here, the administrative state (the most important and valued part of our governmental system) has been effective in limiting damage from the subversion. The 2018 election able to take control of the House of Representatives with new and very aggressive members could not be denied or stopped by the Trump regime but it has allowed the public announcement of the extent of criminal corruption and lawlessness of the perpetrators of these acts.

I, also, am afraid it is too late. The US will not survive this attack. Too much damage has been done to be able to revive and restore the original Constitutional state. But that also opens up the essential opportunity to do what needs to be done to create serious modifications to the structure of this union. First and foremost is to ensure fully diverse rights and protections for people to act directly for democracy and social equity as we face the disasters of the climate crisis.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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