This is an excellent summary of the issues of AI/ML from the perspective of the old order. The significance of AI/ML obviously suddenly struck home but I’m a bit concerned that the call for a presidential commission on AI to establish standards and guidelines might taken seriously. This would obviously be a disaster under the current, mentally deficient regime. It would also be very much like the Vatican attempting to take control of the printing press before it got out of hand.

Many of the questions asked here will need to be addressed. I did not say ‘answered’ as I think we are well past the point where humans are going to be able to maintain the veneer of supremacy against full machine learning. Taking control of this is not really possible. We will need to determine how to come to terms with far superior knowledge processing.

The concerns with wisdom versus knowledge bear some resemblance to the concern of science with faith. Defining wisdom has too many variables while faith has none at all. We are still plagued with a large remnant of suicide defenders of that battle that was won by science over 200 years ago. Yet this will come down to faith in the validity of the algorithms that will start AI/ML on the road to sentience.

So we may have to find a firmer ground for faith in our AI/ML descendants.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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