This is an excellent record of a glimpse into the eyes of the beast. I laud your willingness to maintain the conversation having discovered what you had walked into. In normal times this would most likely have been a very different story. There here have always been couples who started out at fairly different places on the political spectrum and found interesting conversation and, perhaps, more. These are not normal times.

During the Obama administration there was still legitimacy in reminding people to remain open to conversations as that has always been the essence of functioning representative systems. That essence is the compromises that come from discussion. In America we have been on a fifty year acceleration into political collapse that reached its final stage in the disintegration of the two party system under Obama. There are so many ironies in that happening under the first POC president who is the most committed traditionalist American that has ever held that office but that is another story. Luckily Obama was able to rule in at least a limited fashion for eight years while rebuilding what he could of the traditional economy. Sadly he believed in America too much as a constitutional scholar and understood the essence of compromise that prevented him from doing what needed to be done. But that is another story.

My point here is that you were truly looking into the eyes of evil. At this point it is becoming dangerous to deal with anyone who admits to being a Trump supporter. I’m not surprised there was nothing in his profile to warn you. It has become a topic of discussion as younger people who actually work in the Trump regime are isolated and have to hide what they do because so few people will even deal with them.

The situation has changed drastically enough that I would not recommend dealing with them at all unless you know them or have family or friends that know them well enough to understand their situation. There were people who voted for Trump under the guise of small government, a traditional Republican policy when they still had any policies. Most of those people have long since realized their error but may not want to talk about it or admit it openly. You need to have enough information about someone to make that call.

The risk is what you saw a bit of; general ignorance, poor analysis, and knee jerk denunciations. The change is that at this stage we are no longer dealing with “polical” issues but a last ditch, violent attack on any kind of open democratic system. If they actually admit to supporting Trump now they will be primarily bigoted, racist, and misogynistic in whatever proportions. The lack of analysis and balance means that they are going to be heavily repressed but prone to emotional outbursts. That makes them generally dangerous.

If this sounds much like a psychological template, that’s what we are dealing with. There are still something like 20% of the voting population that will admit to being Republican and some of those are simply rigid, authoritarian, and paranoid but haven’t slipped into the white supremacist alternate reality.

But there is always hope as your effort to illuminate him on the immigrant realities that you had direct involvement with forced him to admit he needed to think more. Best to end on a positive note.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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