This is an excellent point that is very difficult to make and have it stick. 20th century ‘xxxxisms’ are now all nearly meaningless and have been weaponized to death. All modern governments are forms of socialism so that is not the issue. We all have it but the massive problems we have are at the next stage of social development and/or the last stage of human survival.

How do we manage sustainability and our planetary environment while ensuring security and happiness to the entire population? And security is not a military provisioned thing. Food, housing, healthcare, and education is security and the minimum basis of happiness (or the removal of blocks to potential happiness).

The choices in governmental options should be at the regional level, i.e. metropols or urban regions that are the preferred form of human habitation for the great majority, soon to be at 80% of the population. Those choices are the exact formulas for public ownership versus private ownership and regulation, level of contribution (tax) based on additional services desired, and the balance between personal information security and convenience that the administered population desires.

All of these should be regional choices that can be made above the range defined as minimum at the planetary level. That would also assume no borders and free movement of people and goods. The criteria for being able to reside in any region could require an application with standards identified by the population of that metropole. That would be an interesting process of development. As we know open environments with diversity encouraged are the most desirable, innovative, and, as a result, economically successful. Denying open residency would be a form of social suicide but that has been known for a long time but some population may choose that never the less.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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