This is an excellent outline of the Trump cult that has replaced the tattered remnant of the old political order. In these situations I usually find it most interesting to deal with both this, justifiably, viral article and with the responses.

Not surprising is the strong support for this well written analysis of the nature of contemporary cults. This scares the hell out of people as it should. The nearly complete absence of any policy or plan makes the pretense of a normal political administration nearly impossible. What has been installed in place of any policies are endless racist outrage, threats, impulsive attempts to appear ‘strong’ with no direction other than self aggrandizement. The entire system is in final collapse and that is hard for people to face. Hence the predominance of thanks her for making this disaster understandable. That is about all that can be hoped for.

The interesting parts of this are the attempts to present some sort of Trumpist defense that are not just, 1) disbelief at failure to fall at the feet of the great man, 2) awkward false equivalencies, 3) pretense of some sort of secret plan that only the initiated can understand. The later of these was popular last year but has fallen on hard times as whatever these plans are or were, they have accomplished nothing.

I’m surprised to see two efforts that attempt to use the current defense position that whatever Trump does is valid and even if it isn’t it doesn’t matter. In both cases i don’t remember seeing even a vague attempt to identify some sort of goal, other than plunder, for Trump and his cohort.

Ironically these perfectly illustrate the cult mentality that has taken over this potion of the population. Policies are not important. It is only following the great man that matters.

So what do we do with these people? That is the brutal dilemma that the American population faces. With individuals, often family members, caught in a downward spiraling cult, the key is breaking them free from the clutches of indoctrinators and slowly reconnecting them to reality. With something like 30% of the population infected how do we do this?

I think that is becoming very clear that we have no tradition of handling this type of intense networked social disaster. Nazi Germany, Mao’s Red Guards, Pol Pot, and the Kim series of dictatorships in North Korea are earlier version but not with the full weight of the new network culture. The difference is that the old types required the creation of totally controlled education systems and personal control groups, e.g. Hitler Youth and the Red Guards as mentioned. The American model is very nearly completely decentralized with techniques teaching self justification.

Recognizing the problem is critical and that is happening particularly with articles like this reaching thousands. The majority know how bad this is and are becoming desperate for some solution. Sadly the entire American system has failed and the two party system is, and has been, for many years a one party system in the grip of extreme, predatory capitalism that has no future. We are living in the historical proof of that.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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