This is an excellent discussion of the reasons for the final failure of religion. Those religions that bet the house on themselves as the only source of history determined their decline and disappearance. Of course this couldn’t be easily seen two millennia or so ago. But it’s the breaks of the game.

We would all, as you say, be relieved if the remaining remnants of those religions would accept reality, and set themselves up as sources of some spiritual value. I don’t think that will happen. And that is part of a larger problem.

There are few things more terminal than the loss of a suspension of disbelief. External events can force you to pay attention to other things but also allow you to return to that pleasant condition within the context of a story well told. But being ejected by a failure of the story itself is the end. That’s a book we don’t pickup again.

The Abrahamic religions have some good stories that contain ideas and examples of value but mostly they are old propaganda designed to shoot down enemies who’s names mean nothing now. As with almost all of ancient human history those were ages of such horrible brutality as to be beyond disgust. While history is valuable, propaganda has a very limited value. Yes, we already know they didn’t like those people but one or two examples of made up slurs are quite enough. But that pre supposes that you know something about the actual history as it is now understood. And few enough people fine that even interesting or useful.

The rapidly widening break between religion and spirituality is not the cause or even symptom but the solution to the problem. Spiritual analogies are now personal only. They don’t make sense except in the broadest evolutionary ethical standards and those are the common elements to all human efforts to understand what we should do as opposed to what we actually do.

This is the big break between the old religious eras and the new personal mindfulness focus of the new spiritual era. Those religions that had a reasonable distance from history as anything but a story anyway have been able to produce spiritual tools that have evolved to the new order.`

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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