This is an excellent description of what has evolved from the, crudely, defined capitalist system. As usual, the complexities of evolutionary change in any competitive system are the result of all relevant variables. This requires continuous, rational analysis and adjustment or the changes may we’ll kill the original system or create a system that kills those it once benefited.

There is no inherent morality to evolution but only change and adaption to a changing environment. Evolutionary ethics is a result of that reality for life forms in evolving social groups. It does not guarantee species survival nor survival of a specific planetary environment.

There is a potential argument based on the inherent connection of forces in this universe that sentient beings as observers hold a significant factor(s) in how those forces interact. If that continues to hold true it would support, not only the ability but, the necessity of sentient (human in the current case) management of evolutionary systems for our benefit. This is deduced from the effect of sentient observation of quantum mechanical events.

Taking conscious action to analyze and observe system changes for general benefit of all sentient, potentially sentient, other life forms produces morality from an effort to provide positive results for all. Taking advantage of changing systems for personal or small group gain at a loss for others is a product of a failure in analysis and understanding of universal forces.

Assumptions that evolving systems are dictated as positive for our species is not evolutionarily successful. We must accept our role as responsible for some aspect of change in our universe.

This dictates, I think, the failure of predatory capitalism in our current planetary environment. We are being hoist on our own petard and those who refuse observation and change are suicidal.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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