This is an excellent analysis of the abandonment of politics by the Chinese people. The success of a managed economy with careful integration of market forces and severe limits on the role of military-based imperialism made this possible. In that sense, it is becoming well recognized as the future we are looking for and that is being sold by the Chinese in Africa.

The strong authoritarian tradition in China is not the same as the Western authoritarian tradition. It was long based on community above all with scholar bureaucrat as the model. A century of violent conflict ended that. It also spread the seeds of Western-style authoritarian destruction that again threatens China now. The disease from the US is infectious where the traditions exist.

Liberalism was a product of the European Enlightenment and was embodied partially in the British Empire spreading to America and India. China got the Opium Wars and, a hundred years later, the return of Hong Kong.

My position is that China is an empire as is the US, as the USSR and Great Britain were. Empires do not survive because they cannot control a diverse population without brutal oppression to cover their failures. As they decline their freedom to innovate dies and diversity becomes a threat to the controlling elite.

The paradigmatic shifts of internet connectivity in daily life, however great te efforts to limit its freedom, have ended the days of the nation-state and the last version of the great empires. Administration, faceless, and efficient, is what people want. They want security and shared services with the opportunity to live their lives meaningfully. The Chinese know that politics is anathema to that desire.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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