This is a well researched and classic American political analysis of the first midterm for a new Administration. This would stand as a workable model at any equivalent point in the last forty years or so. Unfortunately all that it does now is display another shot at normalizing a collapsing system.

That system has made it clear that the people who arrive in office have no interest in what the great majority of the people in the country want and need. The people allowed to win are paid to pander to the oligarchic elite and allowed to enrich themselves at whatever rate they think they can get away with. This is not even a question anymore. It is simply understood as fact.

This has resulted in the lowest voting rates in OECD countries. Even for presidential elections this country has not hit 60% of the electorate since 1968. For nonpresidential elections the average is under 40%. Why? Because it doesn’t matter. This makes it possible to maintain the system to the benefit of those with great wealth. We’ve been told for years in great detail that what happens is “normal”.

Unfortunately the pretense is failing. An illegitimate president who is grossly incompetent is in power and actively working with support of both ‘official’ parties to eliminate the façade of elections. The change is almost too small to notice.The destructive actions of the incompetent will wipe out the small economic gains of the last ten years for the great mass of the population but in a planetary level economy this takes years to work through. All of this happens on a different timescale that is not understood by the people who actually vote.

So what will happen? The only thing that I can say it that it won’t be what is expected. If it is then the explosion will be delayed to 2019.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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