This is a very important and unique time that has only an indirect relationship to all the times of unrest before this. The bottom has fallen out of the white people’s ship but those that refuse to see reality are frantically telling themselves it will all be ok. The bottom in the western racist ship is not going to magically ‘grow’ back. The economy is in collapse, 40 million without jobs, a medical system that is failing, malnutrition and starvation upon us now, and 100 thousand+ dead going for 200 thousand+ just in the US.

We are not living in 1919. America had just begun to seriously grow with decades of mass immigration. That’s what makes economies grow.

We are now in the final days of the US century as it has already faded from the world stage. All that is left are great virtual tallies of fiat currency and grossly over valued and unsustainable assets. The magic hoard will not feed the nation when the people keep at the bottom and hardened by centuries of oppression have had enough.

The mindless acceptance of racist ignorance and denial of humanity stops everything. The US will never recover, The weight of evil we carry is overwhelming and sources of energy are ignored and denied. Anyone with any sense of science, history, compassion, and any awareness of our brutal future knows this must all change.

But this is the time to stand quietly while our black and brown siblings do what we should have done but couldn’t. They need to what they need to do to remove the diseased governmental criminals from their communities. If we are luck they will remove the criminals for all of us.

But we must wait and support strongly the rights of the people now acting. We know that property is no longer important except in the minds of those living in delusion.

Our planet is forcing us to get real and the white people who caused this have no answers. We must be quiet.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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