This is a very good bill that would, possibly, limit the imperial presidency. It might have had some chance of preventing the disaster we are in if it had happened at the collapse of the Vietnam war or earlier. It’s a little late. But, since Congress is now powerless I’m not sure it would make a difference even if it were allowed to pass. Who would attempt to enforce it? Congress?

We have a mentally unstable incompetent holding the power with no idea what to do with it except titillate his nutcase followers. He has blatantly ignored the constitution on emoluments, if nothing else, and I have yet to see anyone in Congress so much as say, “Excuse me, aren’t these things kind of wrong?” What they do say seems to be, “Oh, sorry. I guess it’s ok.”

It’s not ok. And Trump is owned by Russian interests as he and his son have admitted. He has been a Russian asset although he may not have even realized it. I don’t really care as that is potentially beneficial as Putin appears to be able to curb Trump’s wild impulses. No one in this country has enough guts to even try. The ignominy of needing to be thankful for Russian intervention may some day be funny.

My point is that this system is broken. There is no mechanism to deal with this. One of the two major “parties” is a criminal organization and the other is a shell. The courts are being given to loyal incompetents and the Justice Department is at war with itself.

I think a good bit more needs to be done before before the damage makes the project impossible. We need to move beyond what is broken and rebuild. It can be done but will require national leadership and majority support. Here are some thoughts on how it could be done.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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