This is a very good argument within the context of the discussion but does it matter? The movement to reform the obvious failures, in sequence, of the electoral college was very relevant last year and would have been useful twenty years ago. We have far larger problems now with a mentally unstable usurper who gained power with, at least partial, foreign collusion and who has no concern in ignoring the constitution and is doing so blatantly. Given our experience to date, what makes you think there will be an election adhering to any of the principles, let alone finer linguistic points, of the constitution? In addition to Russian collusion we had massive voter suppression and now have a full federal commission dedicated to greatly expanding that suppression. How does your careful tweaking of the electoral college help that?

Let’s lay this out plainly. The nature of population control for any desired end was proven to us last November. It is now possible to target every registered voter in any district with fabricated data to effectively influence that person’s vote. The entire concept of your cherished 18th century document updated to recognize the 19th century elimination of slavery and a partial recognition of gender equality in the early 20th century is completely inadequate to 21st century virtual society with continuous AI managed messaging. Not only has the horse long left the barn but the barn has been bulldozed into a parking lot for autonomous cars and the people are now digital citizens of Lithuania working for virtual companies in Singapore although they still live in the same place they did.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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