This is a very accurate analysis of the US situation. As always there are levels of confusion and change that are being manipulated by anyone who can find a leverage point in the growing cultural wreckage. Manipulated confusion is, incidentally, the primary tool of RT, the DNC, and the Trump Party not to mention other, darker forces.

While these groups are using the same tool and their goals are not identical, they do overlap extensively. That is what is being ignored and aggressively denied through misdirection and ‘straw man’ threats. This results in a representative election process that offers only representation for the various oligarchic elite factions while completely ignoring the mass population.

Unfortunately the failure to represent the population over the last forty plus years has both repressed that population and hastened the planetary climate disaster. The combination left a major portion of the US population flailing for any hope and without the educated skills to avoid lies and delusion.

Wait, isn’t that the goal of manipulated misinformation? If you can control at least one of the primary media channels you can train generations of deluded followers to define themselves by the lies that they are attacked for holding. This is the definition of a millenarian cult that is impervious to reality or fact.

The Democratic Party was subverted by Eisenhower’s military industrial complex ultimately turning itself into the “left wing” of the John Birch Society. This is the process that produced neoliberal economics based on liberal market economics but dedicated to oppression and maximized wealth for the capitalist elite.

The link is directly to laissez-faire capitalism of the 19th century that brutally exploited the population to build the capitalist engines to both dominate and destroy the planet. No one hears the term laissez-faire now because people might recognize the ugly source of the late 20th century American disaster.

The only distinguishing difference between the old Republican Party (now the Trump Party) and the DNC was the presence of violent racism and white supremacy now at the center of the Trump Party. The DNC is the old Republican Party with a facade created by Clinton and Obama to camouflage predatory capitalism and white oligarchy. This allowed the elite to achieve as close to laissez-faire capitalism as possible and maintain a passive workforce held down by massive debt and weak education.

Unfortunately they pushed it too far and must ignore the planetary destruction to maintain their power. But the massive effort to manipulate the population is working and the choice will be between a mentally ill, demented, incompetent driving the racists and religious bigots and slightly less demented puppet who can bring in the black population, who know there is no real choice, and those opposed to racism.

Sanders is the only moderate on the national stage. That is very clear and also his weakness. He is not revolutionary enough to do anything but help the dying system survive a few more years by mediating some of the brutality and human damage. But even that is too much for the controlling elite.

We have ten years to make massive economic changes in order to maintain something like our current civilization. Aging political hacks who can lie easily are not ‘moderates’. They are the final executioners of a dying democracy.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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