This is a solid article based on research and illustrates very nicely the ignorance of people on how Google search works. The focus has always been on factoring the search inputs and click on results of searches. This was used for years in business attempts to move select clients or their own businesses up in listing under specified key words.

This also is a basic part of the Google business proposition that you can buy weighting of key words for your own ads. This is a lot more complex now but there is no reason to load searches other than for those who pay for better positioning. Otherwise you get what you search for based on how you worded it.

And PraegerU is an awful example as it is a propaganda machine with no educational validity. I stumbled on it in a search and didn’t realize what it was. After some research triggered by obvious errors in content on the site I discovered that it was a propaganda site for dubious information. My own feeling was at the time that Google should warm about these things if you click on them and expect to get unbiased information.

But, on second thought, that is self defeating. We need to learn how to search and parse information. Sites with blatant bullshit should be marked but there is, as yet, no good way to do that. My hope is for AI/ML to mature to the point that it can provide a scientific truthfulness rating on any and all search results.

Of course wingnuts would really go crazy with that. It would ruin their favorite conspiracies.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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