This is a serious matter as our representative political systems are struggling to survive. In my view they have outlived their usefulness and part of the reason for that is shown here.

Who do representatives represent? As noted here they do not represent the people except in name as most, at least in the US system, represent various special interests who purchase actions by ever larger political donations. As the professional representative, and there are no other kind, must gather huge funds to maintain their position.

When not representing special interests the pseudo representative must work through internal factions and parties who demand actions for another set of special interests. The longer they remain as representative they more they become involved in the integrated provisioning of special laws for the interests that purchase their services and the more committed they become to complex factional arrangements.

The last on the list are the citizens they represent. After all that only represents the representative’s base salary from taxes. Why would they pay much attention to that other than low cost tokens to individuals who contact them or emergency funding in event of disasters.

We live with the results of these failures as less than 50% of voting citizens bother to participate in elections and sometimes only 30%. The reason is that general agreement on needs are blatantly ignored. In the US the primary concerns of citizens, removed from political manipulation, are for free, high quality education, healthcare equally available without fear of bankruptcy, and assurance of employment at reasonable wages with some reward for national economic success. These issues are never addressed except in denial for the benefit of special interests.

For the first time in history, at least since the classical age in Athens, it is possible to eliminate representatives and move to direct democracy. At the simplest level this can be seen as virtual town halls but actually can be much less intrusive on citizens and less demanding of specialized knowledge to make legislative decision.

I expand on this here:

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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