This is a response to a response on disrupting democracy by using technology to create a new liquid process based on proxies. Wow, does this have problems but. . . There are several really important threads here both in the original post and this cited response. I, too, was there in the sixties. In 1971, just back from a year in SE Asia and walking in the great anti war marches in San Francisco. Those worked but it was an issue and not a movement. The civil rights movement of the sixties was am issue that is just now becoming a movement. Despite a lot of talk and few bombs it was never a revolution. We were already way past being able to do that kind of thing. We were also already completely coopted by the system. So here we are. . .

Let me add some obvious pieces to this pile and then go see if there really is a Slack channel.

I think there are many people who are stumbling around a new form of dynamic representational government. Go for it. But let’s look at social groups as well as geographic units as sovereign components. This is based in sovereignty for indigenous peoples and evolving from social media.

Someone must have said this but the sanctity of the contract (proxy) is critical so this will be block chain based. This also immediately gives you the tool to transform this to a post capitalist economy. Voting is contractual. Ideas?

We need a Nasty Woman to protect us and buy the time to get something up to critical mass. The old style thus will keep showing up and playing the 30% of the population that is predisposed to authoritarian rule. They are conservative and won’t go away. We need to co-opt them. . .

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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