This is a nice summary of the process that will remove Trump and his co-conspirators were that process still functional. At this point we can only hope but that hope grows thinner by the day. Mueller is doing his job and the depth of the evidence along with the steady march of indictments should bring the entire government down. Sadly I’m sure that it won’t. The corruption and criminality has completely engulfed the Republican Party and eaten the legs of the Democratic Party. You can expect nothing from either beyond what they are doing now.

There is a vast amount of criminal activity and evidence to in all of them and this has been known about Trump for a good twenty years. He is owned by the Russian mob and has admitted it through his son who, it appears, is even stupider than his father. This is an old story. But we will be presented with endless hand wringing and feeble protestations of uncertainty by those protecting the criminals for whatever reasons.

Do not be distracted by people waving various colored flags and shouting about the ‘others’. Many people have been taken in by GRU misinformation campaigns. Trumpsters will probably go down, if they do, on conspiracy charges. They totally screwed themselves by begging for GRU assistance in the election. The irony is that the Russian strategy was in place and being done anyway. All Trump and his goons had to do was not get involved. Idiots cannot do that as they have to claim control. Thankfully this almost always puts them behind bars.

Putin is having to deal with this now as he took the easy way and couldn’t stop himself from playing Trump for the fool that he is. Putin is not smart but he is much smarter than Trump. The wreckage of the US government has had to implement sanctions against Russia after Trump groveled at Putin’s feet in Helsinki. Dictators and wannabes always screw themselves and then get angry and do things even more stupid. That is our risk of explosions and war.

The GRU was able to gain access to at least two states voting systems. We suspected that back in December 2016 but it is known now. The penetrated vote servers, in the Georgia case at least, were quickly erased. We will never know what actually happened but it is safe to say that whatever they did after all the work to spearfish the officials and gain access was not good for us.

Under all the layers of crime, conspiracy, and massive corruption of the Trumps, the most dangerous implications are the steady movements to closely follow Putin’s tactics for turning democracy into oligarchy/kleptocracy. Trump has obviously bought into being the single powerful ruler ordained by god and above all laws. I think that is why he grovels at Putin’s feet. He will do everything to make that happen and destruction of all media independence is the stage we are at. That destruction must be complete by November so that the election and all future elections are meaningless except as a ritual.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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