This is a nice bit of nostalgia well written to replay the changes that shaped our youth. While our primary theme was ‘What’s Goin On?’ I remember feeling the changes were ours to promote and achieve. Those changes were significant and accelerating, as you show, but it was understandable and an effort to correct previous wrongs. That was naive but mostly sincere.

By the ’80s, greed was dominant, and sincerity was embarrassing. We were all killing rats for a living because that is a particular time in our lives. What did we want?

In the 90s, we accidentally hit the warp factor switch, or it hit us. Our kids didn’t want to kill rats, but there was not even the pretense of anything else. They lived with the absence of significant hope, and we watched them with no real idea of what to do. Getting by was an acceptable success.

The magnitude of change is now beyond the comprehension of most anyone over the age of forty. We no longer identify things by decades. The absence of understanding has produced a vacuum filled with fear and tension. Panic has led to disasters such as Trump. There are many amazing things but also many expectations that never happened and may never happen now.

Our grandkids are brilliant in their way, but they know they are entirely on their own. All the bad things will probably get worse, and if they do, there is no end in sight.

Ok, Boomer. We already know and will be polite, but you don’t even know what you did. And we can’t seem to stop you from making it worse so we’ll tell you and then deal with it.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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