This is a clear example of the normalization of brutality that is characteristic of fascist demagoguery. Why Trump is just an ordinary guy who means well. No, he is not ordinary. He is not acceptable. He does not mean well. He was given a white supremacist message and stumbled into the collapsing neoliberal government to the delight of the old racist base in American culture. He was set up to make a power grab that worked by manipulation and we may never know how much was promised for that manipulation. And it was all built on blatant lies. Until those questions are answered he is an illegitimate ruler who needs to be constrained to prevent damage to innocent people.

On a practical level he is incompetent and represents only himself and the billionaires who are willing to associate with him. He has quickly run through those and the disastrous first month of the Trump’s attempt at rule has actually forced the selection of a couple of people who are not, themselves, completely deplorable. Even people who would read and believe this type of propaganda can see how fast the government is coming apart from near total incompetence. Greed and racism are not policies. Again on practical level the threats being acted on are bogus and completely unsupported by fact. They in fact are destructive not only to people but to the economy of this country. The growth of opposition to this is awe inspiring. The disgust of the rest of the planet is awe inspiring. Our shame in allowing this to happen is also, sadly, insurmountable.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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