This Does Need to End Quickly

We are seeing the monster and his trolls without any disguise

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We are watching the opening of a new chapter in the US and Trump sideshow to the great capitalist collapse of early 21st century. This thing is getting ugly fast. Hold on.

If you are as worried as I am, you know what is going on so I won’t repeat the details. Since I am old enough to have watched breathlessly as the Congressional investigation of Watergate led to Nixon’s removal, I know that this is far worse. There is little left of that time and its scarred but surviving commitment to the constitution and legal system that saved the country from a criminally compromised and pathetically paranoid Richard Nixon.

The primary difference is that in those days, although exhausted from the years of brutality in the Vietnam war and the mass movement to end that war and the years of battling for civil rights, this nation still had a very large middle class holding a significant portion of national wealth. That was the basis of the political power that had produced the golden age of America architected by FDR on Democratic Socialist principles.

The small, vastly wealthy elite would spend the next thirty years using racism and permanent war to remove that wealth and reduce the need to pay attention to anyone but themselves. Decades of work to destroy voting rights, thought to have been won in the sixties and early seventies, were undercut and removed wherever racism could be used as a reward to the still voting populations.

The old Confederacy was their shadow nation and most people, assuming the bad racist times were over and democracy was assured, lost interest in the confusion generated by dog whistles and lies. We are exceptional so what could really go wrong?

The destruction of the nation was successfully established by Ronnie Reagan before he became too debilitated by Alzheimer's to be allowed in public. It didn’t matter. He was an actor and played his role well. The steady corruption of the Republican Party was ignored and the slide of the Democratic Party into acceptance of wealth as the only virtue was consolidated through the end of the 20th century.

This new chapter is the reaction to the rise of fascism and the fall of America with a population that has little say and no tools for control. The few shreds of public services implemented by Obama are being destroyed as fast as possible because there is no longer even a pretense of public good. Greed and corruption rule.

This is the chapter when the realization has dawned on the majority of the people that there is almost nothing left and that what their children and grandchildren will face is far worse than anything they ever imagined. The joker in the deck that destroyed the game is, of course, that Climate Disaster as too big for most people to even comprehend but still our own fault. No one else to blame. That is hard to swallow.

That, of course, made it easy for the decades of insinuation and increasingly blatant lying to deny the climate reality and its cause dooming, first and foremost, the people they had manipulated to believe their lies. But those people have no financial value and are irrelevant to the powerful. They only need to be distracted and controlled.

People find it very difficult to accept that basic rules of their everyday lives have changed. They will resist and then deny that until there are no options but to admit that the old is no more. Often that does not happen until too late to prevent disaster. But the disaster on a national scale can be ignored if it is big enough to be defuse, continuous, and does not hit in their neighborhood.

The Climate Disaster wild card is a killer and is hitting randomly and in different ways on different levels of what was understandable but is now becoming monstrous. A majority is now beginning to see the extent of the deceit and flimsy illusion of normality that has been maintained by simple momentum with the complicity of the leaders of a large nation state over time.

The disruption can no longer be avoided. Just as we know that no plan of battle lasts past the first contact with the enemy, we are seeing Nancy Pelosi’s infinitely meticulous positioning of, not an impeachment, but an impeachment enquiry, turning into a brutal and, soon to be, bloody battle.

As has been obvious from the beginning of this regime and inescapable reality for the last year, the cancer needs to be removed and will recognize nothing but brute force. The idea of having a legal conversation with Trump is the equivalent of discussing aesthetics with a wild boar. In this case, a wild boar who has cornered himself by stupidity and knows only the guttural language of rage or the squealing of cowardly retreat.

The excitement is when there is no longer anyway to escape. Trump has always paid others to finish the fights he starts. That has always taken a lot of money, hence his frequent bankruptcies. But the fear that he does not understand the level of battle he is in is very real. He does not and expects his minions to sacrifice themselves to save him but he is working with fourth and fifth string political criminals.

That is why this will become bloody. The idiocy of the hacked together conspiracy theories being used to attempt to intimidate other nation’s leaders in a desperate effort to hide and deflect the repercussions of Trump and the Republican’s stupidity was doomed before it started.

Pelosi’s sense that this must be done fast and cleanly as possible is correct and laudable but fatally flawed. She is trying to bring debate rules to a biker bar fight and a clean solution is not possible. A better book is the Art of War. Don’t play their game on their ground, take them out fast with overwhelming force.

I’m very afraid of what will happen if the pretense of constitutional process is maintained. The stooges still surrounding Trump are infected with the fascist disease and are being primed for murder. This was always present in Trump’s twisted mind. Let’s remove the problem before blood starts to flow.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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