This Could Get Very Ugly

An international crime syndicate does not make for a stable government

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ December 18, 2019

As 2019 ends the US is beginning a critical battle against open subversion of our government. The forces behind this overthrow of the remnants of a democratic system, remnants are all that now remain, have taken over one of our two national parties and are funded by coalition of internal oligarchs and Russian national interests.

Trump was adopted, in the wake of his surprise 2016 election, as a weaponized figurehead for of a nationalist dictatorship. The Russian supported Trump election was a shock and forced a rapid takeover of an incompetent regime that was a premature opportunity for a neofascist, white, Christian, nationalist coup.

Trump, himself, we know probably grasps only the opportunity for power, massive corruption, and great personal wealth. Beyond that he has no interest except constant recognition. The sheer incompetence of the ‘staff’ that surrounds Trump has almost destroyed his golden opportunity, with luck they will destroy it, but odds are long.

I now come to suspect that William Barr was made operative and revealed for what he is as a desperate measure to gain control of the situation and prevent Trump’s self destruction. Barr’s goal, as he has make clear in, at least, two speeches, is destruction of the American Experiment in democratic government and the establishment of a full theocratic autocracy controlled by white billionaires. These are the only people who deserve to rule.

All of this is now coming into focus as Trump’s impeachment is formalized. The complete lack of effort to defend Trump’s Ukraine extortion by any means, other than shouting and intimidation, illustrates how close the Trump coup has come to failure as well as the desperation of those who decided they must take open control or lose a golden opportunity.

That Barr, Giuliani, and McConnell with his wife may well be destroyed if the coup fails is what caused my realization of the size and ideological intensity of this subversive group. The revelations of money, revealed in testimony by Lev Parnas in hearings on his hiding of $1 million undeclared on his bail forms, is now confused by countering claims as to who provided the money.

Initially Parnas said that it came from Ukrainian billionaire Dmitry Firtash who is closely allied with Putin and Russian interests in Ukraine. Firtash’s attorney now claims the money was his. Parnas as been indicted on distributed foreign funds to the Republican Party and Trump's’ campaign, with Giuliani as an apparent conduit, has also changed our understanding of this.

Giuliani and Barr’s wild search for something to show that Russia was not the cause of the 2016 election of Trump but Ukraine was, somehow, involved although this has long been identified as a Russian disinformation line. Despite the subversive’s desperate efforts, no one knowledgeable of the Ukraine and Russia conflict believes any of this. Instead it appears we are stumbling, again, on to Russian sourced funding for US political manipulation through Trump, Giuliani, and Barr.

This continues to show the reason Trump and his supporters are using every possible means to block Congressional subpoenas of Trump’s finances. At the rate this is falling apart and pending, yet another, inadvertent admission by Giuliani, the whole thing will ultimately come out.

Giuliani has even admitted that he has ‘insurance’ that suggests that his, apparently, insane meanderings are a fools japes intended to distract attention from Barr and the others setting up the full subversion of the US government.

While the official media are still desperately holding to the illusion of a functioning nation state centered in Washington D.C., the rest of the planet is watching a banana republic, Russian manipulated coup being enacted by comics who are not, at all, funny. To believe these people and that there is any hope of a fair election in 2020 is pathetic.

I now expect the impeachment process to spin our of control either intentionally are simple becuase of the number of criminals and criminal actions that are obvious. The near violent reaction of the Republican Congress people has not basis in fact so is already irrational. Subversive at risk of being identified are dangerous.

We are witnessing the attempt of an international crime syndicate to take control of the US. Just because the figurehead is incompetent and mentally ill and others are also dysfunctional, that does not mean that this will avoid chaos triggering a collapse whether anyone wants to think that or not.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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