This caused me to stop and start to go back to see what I wrote. But then I thought it would be better to simply respond to what you wrote. We are, like most everyone, circling around the same problems. Those problems are overwhelming.

Most of this is about chaos and confusion resulting from the collapse of the rules that have been the foundation of our world(s) for a long time. The collapse can be understood with effort but that doesn’t make it any better as we have nothing to replace what is disintegrating around us.

The Western fear of failure, very much courtesy of Classical Greek culture, is hubris resulting in the gods smacking us for being uppity. This also represents, of course, reaching too high. What had started as the first matured to the second.

The real point of that is, I think, the need for humility and honesty. Hubris is tenacity carried to extreme without asking for other’s opinions and help. Tenacity is a virtue but, as with all virtues, they can become sins. Love and hate are in close proximity. Success and failure have many facets.

What I take to be your main point is the distorted emphasis on logic and the creation of tools to solve our problems that are embodiments of logic and non-emotional analysis. (I’m attempting to understand this so apologies if I’m wrong.)

That sense of wrongness from that is the core failure of our way of seeing the world. That sense of wrongness results from complexity that needs too be added to our problems with confusion, chaos, and collapse.

To get to the point, we have evolved ourselves out of any easy solution that we could find in our past. The killer in this comes from what we have to done to our planet. That is forcing us to do what we were dong before but faster and with much higher quality planning. The option is a very possible descent into a world of great death and survival at the level of subsistence that is, in effect, slow extinction.

But you are right. We need to evolve in the other direction simultaneously with mastering the maintenance of this planet and managing eight billion sentients many of whom are struggling to leave a mythological existence that is completely unsustainable.

People are have been working very hard on building a new way of seeing and understanding our universe that can give all of use a more intuitive grasp of a sustainable existence. I think a combination of these proposed world views are very close to what we need and part of that is being built in the new rediscovery of intuition and Jungian archetypes that hints at a truer way of seeing our quantum mechanical and fully entangled universe.

Here’s one: “The Idea of the World: A Multi-Disciplinary Argument for the Mental Nature of Reality” by Bernardo Kastrup.

And a different approach: “Vibrant Matter: A Political Ecology of Things (a John Hope Franklin Center Book)” by Jane Bennett.

The first is an idealist way of seeing the universe in full alliance with quantum mechanics and the second is part of the return to identifying all things as sharing vibrancy. We spent too long thinking that only people were alive for many very good reasons but that is not correct and the error is now relevant because of the other things that are changing.

This is the evolutionary path that I see becoming dominant.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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