This article neatly defines the failure of the US political system. The concept of leadership has collapsed in favor of lip service to the general population that was never intended nor given the power to lead in this country. The people are supposed to select leaders and then confirm their policies and decisions.

At the same time the idea of actually following years of surveys and polling that shows what people want, e.g. support for jobs, parental leave, single payer healthcare, national persecution drugs, climate action. Oh no, we can’t follow that because some people will disagree. Then we’d be voted out of office.

The result? They are only voted into office when the situation is so extreme we are on the edge of revolutionary civil war. We are on the edge of that now but no one wants to admit they see anything.

Just as a note, a mid 21st century US civil war would not include different colored armies marching out into a field to shoot each other. Nor will it be the PLA on the long march in the countryside of China. It will be growing actions, murders, criminal oppression, and silent rebellion occasionally flashing into riots and confrontations.

Think Hong Kong 2019. That will continue until Trump or some other idiot tries to stomp on everyone and then the west will secede. The fighting could get serious at that point with drones (they are cheap) and cyber warfare.

The stupidity described is deadly. It is not just a political side show of interest only to the beltway and old media pundits.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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