This almost had me feeling better. As usual, it seems, I do agree with what you are saying or, at least, I can share the hope. We are in full paradigmatic change and meanings tend to shift in remarkable ways.

My hope is that enough of us will realize that what was once seen as a problem (or set of unsolvable problems) is actually a solution when seen from a new direction. Perhaps that direction or angle is not quite accessible yet.

This is also an archetypal shift that requires us to defines things differently. Perhaps that is a major planetary change. Whatever it is in our shared reality we need it to happen and at a critical mass.

But you’re not going to get me away from speciation and accelerated evolution. That is no longer just something that happens to us but it is something that we have the means of initiating, as usual, with only very slight understanding of the implications.

The discussions of Crispr babies is growing but I also just read an article on active research in genetic engineering for space travel. I really am thinking that we will probably solve our current consciousness and perception of complexity through a biotechnical evolutionary feedback loop that gives rise to greater diversity rather than less.

In that sense we would not be simply accepting biological subservience to hardware and digital electronics but differentiating our genetic line into multiple species. I’ve written about this in the past also but that is way to regain the population density and conflicting paradigm perspective release by moving to a new frontier.

Otherwise we end up with ethnic cleansing. But we already have that in the US with the metropolitan/urban and rural/edge suburbs split politically. The latter is Trumpistan and has already declined to what was once called ‘third world’ standards with shorter lives, poorer nutrition, weak education, and opiate depression.

Where once we heard of ‘food deserts’ in decaying urban regions with only junk food, no full grocery stores (7–11s only) that is now the case in rural towns. There is more going on here than these individual perspectives can address.

For some years I’ve been identifying the larger changes (along with many others) as the shift to diversity in metropolitan regions that is the new dominant human world while the racist, fascist, authoritarian populations are remaining in rural and fringe suburban areas by preference. In the US this looks a lot like the old Confederate States and the survivalist libertarians in the west.

Are we likely to see a reintegration of these social groupings? Our current problem is the survivalist new paradigm rejectors gaining control of the whole nation and that simply does not compute. Racism, corruption, personal power, and brute force control is their nature. That does not work in a diverse, evolving metropolitan region with growing educational opportunities and greater awareness.

My point, and then I’ll stop, is that we need to care for those people, also, because they are not able to understand, yet, what is happening. But we cannot allow them to take control for the very same reason. That certainly smacks of ‘little brown brother’ thinking that is exactly what the problem population wants but for different reasons. The best intentions with the worst outcomes.

We need to create virtual space for these types of diversity without abandoning our larger, higher level standards. But too few people understand virtual space yet. That’s another problem.

We really need to figure this out. Maybe we just wait for 2024. The Age of Aquarius started out well but didn’t end that way. Perhaps I’m too old not to be suspicious.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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