Things I Really Don’t Want to Think About

But that aren’t going away for the holidays

by Mike Meyer ~ Honolulu ~ November 29, 2019

It’s very difficult for me to believe that anyone in Congress would now be able or willing to support Trump and his sycophantic regime unless there was a gun pointed at them. I can understand the desperation of maintaining their position with its power and potential at, almost, any cost but the key is that word ‘almost’.

Is there no shame? Publicly announced and committed criminal acts are now normal?

As we all know there are bad people, for many reasons, and they often seem to end up in positions of power and authority, but most people are decent, if not always actively good and caring. And even bad people become unable to continue if the criminality and/or absurdity reaches an unacceptable level.

People writing about this have started to search for worse times than now in US history. We seem to be down to the civil war. That is scary. The only thing worse than the Trump disaster is the, brutal, US civil war.

It is definitely hard to get worse than several hundred thousand casualties with one side fighting for (you have to be shitting me) slavery. That’s the equivalent that we have now achieved.

If you start going through this it gets worse.

Putin is now openly directing Trump and McConnell. Trump, we know, is scared to death of Putin. Unless directly managed to prevent it he will always immediately agree to any suggestion from Putin. I strongly suspect that any apparent counter to that is directed by Putin himself as standard tradecraft.

It was obvious very early that Trump had become a useful fool having grasped at Russian loans and money laundering. It’s hard not to know what happens to useful fools who cease to be useful. Trump will probably have more sudden, unscheduled “checkups” as his he goes down in slow his death spiral trailing smoke, flames and jettisoned bodies.

The fear in the Republican parts of Congress is palpable. Are there Russian assassination teams in place to remove those who fail to toe the line? That, we know well, is a Putin tool. The Republican leadership took one too many trips to Moscow so it is very difficult to say who has been fooled and who is dangerous.

I don’t think Putin would use something like that in the US but then there has been several years to train ‘good ole boys’ on the skills they need. The heavy Russian influence on the NRA suggests this. Is that what has driven Lindsey Graham to fits of pathetic groveling at Trump’s feet? He starts to protest and then falls quickly back in line desperate for a chance to lick Trump’s shoes to prove his bona fides.

The public theory is the now standard fear of a white supremacist challenging in the primary with unofficial government support, but are people like Graham so poor and desperate as to fear that? US senators and senior representatives are millionaires with sources of lobbying income as a very real reward. While I may be naïve, if you are taken out by Trumper white supremacist what have you lost?

Nixon went down for low level breaking and entering. Trump has confessed to international bribery and extortion while, incidentally destroying what’s left of the Constitution. His level of personality disorders and growing dementia is another matter just as well known. The fact that no one will do anything about it suggests the epitaph of the Unite States.

Trump pardons convicted war criminals and blows up the US Navy that is now being ‘cleaned’ by one of Trump’s sycophants. He needs to cower the military as that may well be all that we have to defend the nation from Trump’s endless quest for power and spoils with the full support of Moscow Mitch.

Something is terribly wrong.

The Russian GRU is now operating a full social media propaganda system much improved from 2016. Moscow Mitch has made sure there is nothing allowed to stand in the way of direct manipulation of our electoral system. Does that suggest something? No? Please explain what benefit NOT protecting our electoral system has for the nation?

The incredibly thin excuse for Trump’s Ukraine bribery and extortion episode, that no one seems to noticed has consumed almost all of his very short working days this year, is that giving weapons to Ukraine with its history of corruption justified anything.

Right. That the new and less corrupt Ukraine administration is struggling against a Russian funded, supported, and staffed invasion is not a factor. Even the GRU is having trouble maintaining a straight face.

As Nancy Pelosi has said, everything with Trump ends up in Russia. While I am not much of a fan of Pelosi, simply because she has spent her life in US politics, she is capable and not owned by a foreign power. She is also struggling mightily to steer the, careening, US government from the third seat while under continuous attack by wackos and foreign agents. You have to give her credit for that.

Just to be clear, none of this is going to salvage the US from this disaster. I’ve long since thought and said, with many others, that the best we can hope for is new, smaller, much more directly democratic metropolitan regions. The forces of climate crisis are going to grind the creaking 19th century style governments to pieces. Unless, of courses, we blow ourselves to hell first.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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