These are hard times folks. In another age this would be something that I could laud and feel good about, complimenting the rationality and the cautious openness to change. I would probably have interpreted this as having at least a touch of innovation. And I appreciate the consistent effort to respond reasonably even to knee jerk, dogmatic responses. The effort to move, ever so cautiously, toward a Democratic Party that may, in fact, find a place for ordinary people with an interest in their own communities well being is breathtaking.

It is interesting that there is no policy here at all as noted in at least one response. Is that a recognition of the complete absence of policy in the organization? Is it a subtle request to the people to come up with some policy that may have meaning? Is it the usual professional attitude of keeping policy stuff in the hands of the people who know how to do this stuff? So for lack of any other indicators i will take this at it’s most positive as a request for people to come up with a platform and policies founded on something other than the usual commitment to the highest bidder.

In that sense there may be hope. The first step is to realize that the system has crashed and is not recoverable. Even if it could be recovered and restored it is no longer viable. That age is gone. We need to build a new method of organizing, planning, protecting, and ruling ourselves in an age of direct, personal sovereignty. I’ve come to think that this is effectively the end of politics as we know it but that’s a very difficult thing to define particularly to the professional political class of the Democratic Party trying to justify their existence. So I’ll just leave that right here.

So what is needed to build a new governmental structure in this age? Assuming that the remnants of the Democratic Party are available for usage and can be cleaned up enough to avoid contamination what do we do with it? Based on my assumption that this article is a cry for help and policy to people and not to politicians why not recognize what has replaced the old system of government. Facebook administers something approaching two billion people planet wide on a daily, even hourly, basis. That’s larger than China. They process and provide information and services while defining new needs and determining exactly how each member thinks based on what they like, buy, request, or just think about while talking to themselves, their families and friends. Each members profile is incredibly detailed and can be used to shape attitudes and decisions for each person. family, cohort, community, etc. That is already so much better than voting for some egotistical asshole every four years who “represents” you by selling you down the river the first chance he or she gets. And that asshole works to avoid any contact with more than a very few carefully selected “citizens” who have time to give money for minimum services.

What we have is the future evolving before our eyes while the politicians are desperately and violently trying to destroy this new, completely democratic reality. Lets contract a new world class social media system for determining and implementing the policies that people want and need. This is a permanent and on going conversation. It is not once a year vote for nothing that people recognize and completely worthless. Scrap it. We already have the infrastructure and it is taking over our lives by the hour. Let’s make it ours and rather than theirs.

A simple note here: The problem with pseudo representative political systems is that they are actually authoritarian. You cannot effect the actions of a representative that is protected by big money interests. How do we make them respond? How do we make them change? I’ll make this simple. We can’t.

What is the problem with social media corporations? They respond too rapidly to their members but have no policy other than profit. That can be corrected. The real problem with our new social structure is transparency and understanding their algorithms. We need to get control of that for our own sakes anyway. Let’s do it as our means of managing ourselves.

Just some suggestions . . .

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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