There is much to be very, very cranky about with the entire film industry. I worked in the business for many years and then retired from it which allowed me to legitimately not watch movies or TV programs. After twenty-three years of watching stuff all day every day and then spending evenings scanning porno films edited for cable TV, hey this was the old days, to make sure that none of the great oar plunging into the foaming sea (even older days) remained. I’ve been enjoying the absence of all that for a number of years.

Now I have no alternative. If I want to see a movie I’ve tried looking at the ones I enjoyed as a teenager because it all there and available but they are so filled with racism and misogyny that I am embarrassed for ever liking the damn thing. Then I start thinking about why I didn’t realize that then and that leads down a dark, cultural rabbit hole that I realize is my home. So much for nostalgia. I din’t realize I came from a dark rabbit hole.

And everything now is either the 53rd remake of Star Trek or the 54th of Star Wars. And I definitely don’t want to see Darth Vader without a helmet. Actually I can’t imagine that. Thanks for warning me. You might as well show him in his bunny slippers and jammies. What an awful thought.

I did, accidentally, see part of the 23rd remake of Transformers and that was worse. As an old science fiction fan I have fond memories of the great Japanese movies from Godzilla to Mothra with the Mysterians as my favorite. The Transformer things tarnish the tradition with actors, unlike the Japanese originals, who are not polite enough to believe their own bullshit. And If you’re not going to believe your own bullshit how can you expect me to? There is nothing worse than someone else’s bullshit that no one believes. That’s just politics by another name. My god, we’re neck deep in unbelievable bullshit and that’s our totally fucked up government with a clown on top.

Now I’ve gotten even more cranky . . . so don’t start me on Bollywood.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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