There is definitely a pattern and a cycle to these things. I was lamenting the other day about the absence of good criticism remembering the good old days of 2016 when the top tier RT folks would attack me. I’ll admit to, occasionally, being impressed with serious, paid propagandists. But they somehow abandoned Medium after the election. I wonder why?

Being the wrong color means I don’t attract trolls and bots now unless I hit a fairly high number of ‘reads’ on the collapse of Western Civilization and the attraction of racist, ignorant authoritarians with a variety of personality disorders to high-level government positions. That does seem to be a sensitive spot.

It definitely appears to be a return of the Russian troll farms with empty egg accounts, I guess they felt it wasn’t necessary to scrape the web for photos and names. It must be the early days with low budgets, yet.

This is more visible as there are fewer than ever actual neofascists commenting here. I can understand that as the intellectual requirements for a Trump follower barely includes literacy and those are being winnowed out as dangerous. I try to keep my writing around the 9th-grade level and that is heavy going for those that remain so I get only the one line, generic, bot responses.

If there is any chance of a legitimate, human respondent I will make some effort to answer but even those, now, tend to be ritualized variations on “you know nothing”. There are not a lot of these but there is an increase.

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Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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