There is a long and complex history to the collapse of the US as a democratic republic. This is an excellent review of the media attack points that has their ancestry in anti-communist hysteria and then in anti-anti Vietnam War hysteria. The twists and recursive loops are obvious.

The conclusion of this piece is accurate. That reality goes back a long way. The problem is not a simple series of cause and effect stages but a feedback loop based in a nation that was taught to lie to itself in its first hundred years.

This process moves whatever you might think of as the national mentality to ever larger distances from reality and the ability to be self critical. The great bulk of the blame falls on what was called the ‘right’ in America. The intense confusion in America in dealing with poorly understood history leads to things like a 19th century center conservative party dedicated to equality being worshipped by a 21st century fascist party dedicated to racism and ignorance is stunning.

The non-urban racist core that is claimed by the criminal organization that replaced the Republican Party was the base of the old Democratic Party. That apartheid structure has been the mass citizenry for nearly 200 years. It required care and feeding of its racist and xenophobic nature while being assured that they were god’s people. That exceptionalism grew to yet another immense illusion by the late 20th century. Such old and intense lies were possible only in the relative isolation of a huge, brutally depopulated continent.

This is not a small problem. It has become such a big problem because the subjects of this long disinformation process are becoming a minority and have no means to comprehend that. Someone lied to them because so many people seem to think their lies are, well, lies. Someone must have taken their god away. This cannot be. A great, white, apartheid leader must return everything to the way it is supposed to be.

It is not just the media. It is reality that is wrong and must be denied.

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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