There have been massive failures by governments at all levels in dealing with this pandemic. The goal is to flatten the curve until treatments and possible vaccines are in place. There is no certainty of how effective these will be but the alternative is to accept great suffering, death, and social collapse while assuming only the unimportant will die. That is no longer morally acceptable when we know how to reduce effects of this disaster.

The fact that historically there was no choice but to accept however many millions would die makes no difference now. This is brutally visible in places with governments able to achieve effective and rigorous management of this disaster. The collapse of neo-fascist regimes exhibiting the characteristic incompetence and crude exploitation of their populations is a collateral benefit.

Mindless whining about not wanting to wear the required face masks and maintain minimum distancing (the only very effective countermeasures we now have), is both disgusting and pitiful. That fact that places following this line of idiocy are now hot spots of infection, as predicted, and will begin to be overwhelmed by terminal patients in the next three weeks while they lie desperately to cover their greed and criminal activity, is not acceptable either.

Amazingly those nations who have been effective so far exhibit strong leadership with the goal of minimizing suffering by overriding the ignorant and selfish. Some made bad mistakes but then got it right, China is now the leader of the world in management of this pandemic as just shown in a large planetwide survey.

Gibbering about the ‘right’ to get a haircut would be ok if we knew that those are the people who would sicken and die. The virus does not care. We must care. This is an effective test of what will be required to survive the climate crisis that is already destroying the old economy and the worshipping of selfish ignorance.

Written by

Educator, CIO, retired entrepreneur, grandfather with occasional fits of humor in the midst of disaster. . .

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